Distributed Monitoring

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Distributed Monitoring Overview

Distributed Monitoring

The general goal of distributed monitoring is to allow a Nagios environment to scale to monitor a large infrastructure. There are a number of different options for deploying a distributed monitoring solution with Nagios.

Methods of achieving an distributed monitoring solution can sometimes be complicated. Before you embark on designing and deploying an distributed monitoring solution you should outline the goals you wish to achieve with the solution you are proposing. No single solution is the "right" solution for every environment. The method you choose to implement should be based on your end-goals, as well as the time and effort required to deploy and maintain the chosen solution.

Different options for setting up a distributed monitoring environment, along with their strengths and weaknesses, can be found in a special Distributed Monitoring topics area of the Nagios Library.

The best starting point to familiarize yourself with solutions for distributed monitoring is the document titled "Distributed Monitoring Solutions For Nagios".