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System Requirements

Make sure the server you install Nagios Incident Manager on meets the requirements below.

Server OS:

Minimum system specs:

Recommended system specs:

Installation Options

Nagios Incident Manager Installation Instructions

This document is intended to outline the steps required to manually install Nagios Incident Manager, along with its prerequisites and subcomponents. This document is intended for use by system administrators who wish to install Nagios Incident Manager on a physical server or virtual machine.

Nagios Incident Manager Manual Installation Instructions

Nagios Incident Manager Downloads

Latest Nagios Incident Manager Downloads

Integrating Incident Manager with Nagios XI

This document describes how to integrate Nagios XI events with Nagios Incident Manager (Nagios IM). This document is intended for use by Administrators who wish to automatically create and manage Nagios XI incidents in Nagios Incident Manager and assumes the reader has both Nagios XI and Nagios IM installations already completed.

Intregrating Nagios IM with Nagios XI