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Nagios XI Makes Monitoring Easier:

Nagios XI is the easy-to-use, enterprise version of Nagios that features:

  • Web-Based Configuration provides advanced configuration features
  • Monitoring Wizards make it easy to monitor new devices, applications, and services
  • Customizable Dashboards allow for per-user customization
  • Integrated Performance Graphs provide trending and capacity planning information
  • Advanced Reports provide data insight and exporting capabilities
  • Data Visualizations enable powerful analysis of patterns and problems
  • Nagios Core Import functionality makes it easy to migrate from Nagios Core
  • ... and many other features

Download a free 60-day trial of Nagios XI or give the online demo a spin.

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This document provides information on how you can monitor Novell Netware servers.

External Resources

You can find documentation on monitoring Netware servers with Nagios at Novell's Cool Solutions site, including:

Tip Tip: When you visit Novell's Cool Solutions site, search for "Nagios" to find more articles and software components related to monitoring.

Thanks to Christian Mies, Rainer Brunold, and others for contributing Nagios and Netware documentation, addons, etc. on the Novell site!