User Guide

Account Settings

Changing Settings

Nagios XI allows individual users to manage some of their own account settings, including; passwords, notification settings, and notification methods. To access account settings, select the Configure link on the main menu bar, then select Change Your Account Settings from the Configuration Options page.

Account Preferences

Selecting the Account Information link from the left menu will access general account settings. From this page users can specify a new password, display name, or email address for notifications. This page also specifies default language and time settings.

Notification Preferences

The notification preferences page allows you to enable or disable notifications, as well as specify the events for which notifications are sent.

Note: In order to receive notifications, the appropriate information must be specified in the Notification Methods page. A notification test can be sent by accessing the Send Test Notifications page.

Notification Methods

The notification methods page allows users to specify how notifications are sent. Notifications can be sent as emails, cellular text messages, or even utilizing social networking tools such as twitter if those features are installed and enabled.

Notification Messages

The notification messages page allows you to specify the format of your notifications. All items that are wrapped with the % tags are variable names used by Nagios XI.