Administrator Guide

Admin Scripts

Backup Fusion

Location /usr/local/nagiosfusion/scripts/
Usage ./

This script will create a Fusion backup and store it in /store/backups/nagiosfusion.

Restore Fusion

Location /usr/local/nagiosfusion/scripts/
Usage ./ "FILE"

Where FILE is a proper backup archive, created using the Backup Fusion script.

Use this script to restore Fusion to the point in time essentially when you created the backup.

The following document contains important information regarding backing up and restoring Nagios Fusion:


Repair Databases

Location /usr/local/nagiosfusion/scripts/
Usage ./

This is simply a dummy script. Nagios Fusion uses an InnoDB engine. While there are repair options available, it's best to leave any database corruption you encounter to the helpful folks on the Nagios Support team. This script will present you with output that can be used to get in contact with them.

Reset nagiosadmin

Location /usr/local/nagiosfusion/scripts/

Where NEW PASSWORD is the password to reset with.

Use this script to reset your nagiosadmin account's password.

Reset fusion user

Location /usr/local/nagiosfusion/scripts/

Where USER is the username of an existing user in Nagios Fusion, and NEW PASSWORD is the password to reset with.

Use this script to reset the password of any Nagios Fusion user.

Truncate Polled Data

Location /usr/local/nagiosfusion/scripts/truncate_polled.php
Usage ./truncate_polled.php

Use this script to empty all of the polled data from all remote servers. USE WITH CAUTION. The data that is lost is not recoverable.

Import Fusion Configuration

Location /usr/local/nagiosfusion/scripts/import_fusionconfig.php
Usage ./import_fusionconfig.php

This will return a string containing the $cfg variables (from in a format that is consistent with shell scripts. Use this to make your configuration variables available to any shell script you're making and/or using.

Manage Services

Location /usr/local/nagiosfusion/scripts/

Where ACTION is one of start, stop, restart, status, reload, checkconfig and SERVICE is one of the Fusion related system services, such as: httpd, mysqld, ntpd, or crond.

Use this script to control your system services that are related to Nagios Fusion.

Change Timezone

Location /usr/local/nagiosfusion/scripts/
Usage ./ "TIMEZONE"

Where TIMEZONE is a proper timezone, such as America/Chicago, etc.

Use this script to change your system timezone. It handles the change in all of the necessary components, such as PHP and MySQL.


Location /usr/local/nagiosfusion/scripts/
Usage ./

Use this script to remove all of the users and files related to Nagios Fusion. The database, and any other software that was installed during the Fusion installation process will remain intact.