Administrator Guide


Here we will define the individual subsystems, where you can find them, where they generally log to, and what they do.


Location /usr/local/nagiosfusion/cron/auth_subsys.php
Logfile /usr/local/nagiosfusion/var/log/auth_subsys.log

The authentication subsystem is responsible for making sure that the credentials that you supply for a remote Nagios XI or Core server don't change. It also ensures that the communication channel between Fusion and the remote servers is open, along with validating the ability to receive the data required for polling.


Location /usr/local/nagiosfusion/cron/cmd_subsys.php
Logfile /usr/local/nagiosfusion/var/log/cmd_subsys.log

The command subsystem is responsible for executing the commands that are queued by the Fusion user interface and various subsystems. For example, when you change the timezone from the interface, that is submitted as a command for execution to the command subsystem.

Database Maintenance

Location /usr/local/nagiosfusion/cron/dbmaint_subsys.php
Logfile /usr/local/nagiosfusion/var/log/dbmaint_subsys.log

The database maintenance subsystem cleans and trims the Fusion database. It discards data such as old polling data and dashlets or dashboards that weren't deleted properly.


Location /usr/local/nagiosfusion/cron/log_subsys.php
Logfile /usr/local/nagiosfusion/var/log/log_subsys.log

The logging subsystem takes of care of writing the submitted logs to their proper destinations. By maintaining an external process, we are able to submit our logs as commands and have them queued for proper writing. This helps reduce the risk of overwriting multiple lines as in the case of attempting to write to the same file from different processes at the same time.


Location /usr/local/nagiosfusion/cron/poll_subsys.php
Logfile /usr/local/nagiosfusion/var/log/poll_subsys.log

The polling subsystem uses the authentication subsystem's data along with the Fusion system settings to determine when a remote server needs to be polled. This subsystem is responsible for grabbing the remote servers' data, processing it, and storing it in the database. You can adjust your polling settings either on a global level, or override those global settings on a per server basis.

System Status

Location /usr/local/nagiosfusion/cron/sysstat_subsys.php
Logfile /usr/local/nagiosfusion/var/log/auth_subsys.log

The system status subsystem maintains accurate information regarding the health of the Fusion server. It keeps track of things like cpu and memory utilization along with disk statistics.