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User Management

Understanding User Permissions

Managing users and their permissions is an important task for Nagios administrators - especially in multi-tenancy setups. This document describes Nagios XI user rights or permissions and how to effectively manage permissions to ensure security and obtain a web interface tailored to various individuals needs.

Understanding XI User Rights

Users And Contacts

Advanced Nagios administrators who have experience with managing existing Nagios Core installations or wish to migrate from Nagios Core to Nagios XI may wish to better understand how contacts and users differ, as well as the details of how they are joined through configuration settings. This document describes the relationships between users and contacts in Nagios XI.

XI Users And Contacts


This document describes how to configure Nagios® XI™ to support multi-tenancy to allow multiple users or clients to share access to a single Nagios XI instance while ensuring those specific users have access only to hosts and services they are authorized to view and maintain.

XI Multi-Tenancy