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Extending Nagios


Configuration wizards provide a user-friendly means of monitoring new devices, services, and applications in Nagios XI. This document takes administrators through the simple steps of obtaining and installing additional configuration wizards to extend Nagios XI's capabilities.

Installing XI Configuration Wizards


Dashlets are addons for Nagios XI that are used as "containers" to display specific information in UI. Once installed, users can add dashlets to one or more of their dashboards, allowing them to customize the look and feel of the information they find most useful. This document describes how to upload and install new dashlets in Nagios XI.

Installing XI Dashlets


Components are optional extensions to Nagios XI that can be installed by administrators to provide enhanced functionality to both end-users and administrators alike. For example, components are available for providing new notification methods and UI enhancements and modifications. This document describes how to upload, install, and manage components in Nagios XI.

Installing New Components In Nagios XI

Google Map Integration For Nagios XI

The Google Map component for Nagios XI allows for host status to be displayed as an overlay on a Google Map. This document describes how to download, install, and setup the Google Map integration component for Nagios XI.

Google Map Integration For Nagios XI


This document describes how to manage plugins on your Nagios XI system, including: finding and installing new plugins, defining commands, and using them in your services. Plugins are a great way to extend the functionality of Nagios XI.

This document is intended for use by Nagios XI administrators who need to customize their setup beyond what the default Nagios XI installation can provide.

Managing Plugins in Nagios XI

Other Addons

Nagios Exchange is the central place where you find all your Nagios addons, plugins, extensions, and more. The site is designed for the Nagios Community to share its best developments for and around Nagios.

Using Nagios Business Process Intelligence Addon

Nagios Business Process Intelligence is an advanced grouping tool that allows you to set more complex dependencies to determine groups states. Nagios BPI provides an interface to effectively view the 'real' state of the network. Rules for group states can be determined by the user, and parent-child relationships are easily identified when you need to 'drill down' on a problem. This tool can also be used in conjunction with a check plugin to allow for notifications through Nagios.

Using The BPI Addon

Using Nagios BPI v2

This document describes how to fully utilize the Nagios Business Process Intelligence (or BPI) component for Nagios XI. This document contains the following instructions:

  • BPI Overview
  • Installation and Setup for Nagios XI
  • The BPI User Interface
  • BPI Permissions Summary
  • Understanding the BPI Group Logic
  • Service Checks for BPI Groups
  • Manual configuration, XML Output, and Troubleshooting

This document is intended for use by and Nagios XI Administrators who wish to create "Business Processes" out of hosts and services in their monitoring environments.

Using Nagios BPI v2

Integrating Nagios Business Process Addons With XI

This document describes how to install the community-developed Business Process Addons with Nagios XI. Business Process Addons is comprised of two addons - Business Process View and Business Impact Analysis. These addons are useful for showing the high-level status of critical business processes within an organization, and determining the impact of outages using simulated failures, by combining Nagios objects into logical groups from a business impact perspective.

Integrating Nagios BPA With XI

Using DNX With Nagios

This document describes how to integrate the DNX (Distributed Nagios eXecutor) load-balancing addon with Nagios Core and Nagios XI. DNX helps address the problems of scalability and complexity of traditional distributed Naigos setups by using an architecture of a single central node and several worker nodes.

Using DNX With Nagios

Integrating Nagvis With Nagios XI

NagVis is a popular network and system visualization tool used by many organizations to enhance their Nagios installations. This document takes administrators through the simple steps of integrating NagVis with Nagios XI.

Integrating Nagvis with XI

Using NSCA With Nagios XI

This document describes how to enable and use the NSCA addon with Nagios XI. The NSCA addon allows remote Nagios servers and applications to send passive host and service check results to the Nagios XI server for processing.

Using NSCA With Nagios XI

Installing Cacti Alongside Nagios XI

This a command line tutorial on how to get Cacti up and running on the same server Nagios XI.

Installing Cacti Alongside Nagios XI